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Whilst traveling on a cruise, enjoy these 300 general knowledge questions that cover a range of topics all to do with cruise travel, the ocean, and being at sea.
Do you know your:

  • Cruise ships
  • World capitals
  • Ocean creatures
  • Port of call
  • Onboard cocktails
  • Oceans and Seas
  • and much more?

Relax onboard with this fun book that is suitable for all the family.

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What’s in the Cruise Trivia eBook

There are 300 fun questions in this Cruise Trivia eBook, with all questions related in some way to cruising or being at sea.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Cruise Ports, Landmarks, & Icons Questions and Answers
  • Chapter 2: Cruise Ships and Oceans Questions and Answers
    – Cruise Ships
    – Nautical Knowledge
  • Chapter 3: Oceans, Seas & Islands Questions and Answers
    – Oceans, Seas, and Islands
    – Ocean Wonders and Marine Life
  • Chapter 4: Cruise Food & Drink Onboard Questions and Answers
    – Onboard Buffet & Dining
    – Cocktails Onboard at the Bar
  • Chapter 5: Wildlife Encounters Questions and Answers
  • Chapter 6: Strange Customs Questions and Answers
  • Chapter 7: World Capitals Questions and Answers
  • Chapter 8: Do You Know Your Cruise Line Questions and Answers
    – P&O Cruises
    – Royal Caribbean Cruises
    – MSC Cruises
    – Carnival Cruise Line
    – Princess Cruises
    – Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Chapter 9: Cruise TV & Movies Questions and Answers
  • Chapter 10: World Flags Questions and Answers
  • Chapter 11: Cruises, Music & Literature Questions and Answers
  • Final Thoughts

Who Is the eBook For?

This eBook is good for all the family with a range of fun trivia questions that people of all ages can try to answer.

Cruise Activities and Trivia

From the moment you step aboard a cruise ship, you are transported to a world of boundless exploration, where breathtaking destinations, intriguing cultures, and unforgettable experiences await.

But what better way to enhance your cruise adventure than by engaging your mind and curiosity? As you bask in the sun’s warm embrace on the deck, indulge in delectable culinary delights, or marvel at the wonders of distant shores, let this trivia book be your companion, adding an extra layer of excitement and discovery to your cruise journey.

In this book, we have meticulously crafted chapters that cover a diverse range of topics, each designed to entertain, challenge, and enlighten. From culinary delights and coastal discoveries to natural wonders and cultural connections, we invite you to delve into a world of fascinating facts, mind-bending questions, and humorous anecdotes that capture the essence of cruise travel.

Sharpen your wits, hone your knowledge, and form unforgettable memories as you compete, collaborate, and celebrate the joy of learning while onboard.

Uncover hidden gems, relish in the joy of discovery, and embark on a cruise adventure that is not just about the destinations, but also about the captivating tales and fascinating facts that enrich the experience. Paul Symonds – Author of the Cruise Trivia Books Series.

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